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We’ll show you exactly how we get quality leads. The Eco-Leads difference is our unique, proven approach that seeks and attracts quality consumers through reputable well-lit publications. Eco-Leads will never buy leads from third parties. We are an original solar lead source.

Who we are and why do this

Located in San Francisco, Eco-Leads was created, and is run by the green team at Oōtem Advertising. Ootem is an award-winning, independent, full-service advertising agency with decades of experience generating quality leads for national brands, including Quicken Loans, eHarmony, Trend Micro, and Capital One, among others.

How to work with us

We may never be in your largest source of leads, but our leads are vetted and their information confirmed. We make it easy to work with us. Based on what you want, we design an easy plan that works for everyone.

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Latest Resources and News

Pretty solar panels on the rise
A professor, Dr. Michael Debije, who works out of Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, is altering the way we use solar panels. Solar panels, having a notorious reputation of being monotonous visual sights, seem to have difficulty integrating themselves into an ever changing, more colorful world. However, Debije is working to contemporize solar…
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Project Sunroof, Google’s new solar powered baby
Oh Google, are you going around and waving that magical wand of yours again? The definitive answer is a resounding yes. The company, which has taken strides as of late to improve their research and development, has recently announced a new initiative of theirs. The new program, Project Sunroof, is using Google’s existing program, Google…
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Veterans find work in solar industry
A new report finds that the solar industry employs a higher than average rate of veterans, a group often faced with high unemployment. The findings show that as of November 2013, America’s solar industry has grown by 500 percent since 2008, providing more than 13,000 veterans with job opportunities. Almost ten percent of all solar…
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