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    We’re passionate about your business

    Eco-Leads is an online solar lead generation company serving solar businesses across the country. Located in San Francisco, Eco-Leads was created, and is run by the green team at Oōtem Advertising. Ootem is an award-winning, independent, full-service advertising agency with decades of experience generating quality leads for national brands, including Quicken Loans, eHarmony, Trend Micro, and Capital One, among others.

    Our passion for, and experience in, this vertical inspired us to create Eco-Leads. Let our experience work for you.

    Ootem Logo

    To find out more about us, visit www.ootem.com


    To find out how we can start generating leads for your business, please fill out the contact form today.

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    The Eco-Leads difference is our unique, proven approach that seeks and attracts quality consumers through reputable well-lit publications.

    We recycle paper and plastic, but we never recycle leads! Eco-Leads will never buy leads from third parties. We are an original solar lead source.

    How it works

    How it works infographic

    Each of the leads you receive will include the following consumer information:

    • First and last name
    • Email
    • Phone number
    • Address
    • City, State and Zip code
    • What is the lead’s current average monthly electric bill?
    • Residential Solar or Multifamily Solar?
    • Commercial Solar for Own or Rent?

    Solar Leads are delivered on an exclusive or shared basis

    Exclusive Leads: These leads are only sent to your business
    Shared Leads: These leads are sent to up to three businesses

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    Discover an original solar lead source

    Eco-Leads delivers high-quality commercial and residential solar leads to help your business grow. From our background working with solar companies-large and small-we know that lead generation is a consistent challenge. The Eco-Leads team draws on passion, experience, and the latest technologies to attract original, quality solar leads, and deliver them directly to you. Partner with Eco-leads, and discover an original solar lead source.

    Find out more

    To get the conversation started, please complete the contact form to the right. We will get in touch with you within the next business day to find out more about your business, the number and the types of leads you would like to receive, and to answer any questions you may have.

    We look forward to working with you!

    Click here to find out how it works

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    Exciting news coming from Kenya, they expect 50% of their energy to come from Solar by the year 2016. They have committed to building nine solar power plants which will power half of the country’s electricity needs. Our hope is to see other countries inspired by Kenya’s commitment to reducing their carbon footprint.